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Why Sailing Is The Best Way To Explore Sydney


What do you think of when you think of Sydney? Do you think of the Harbour Bridge or maybe you think of the Sydney Opera House? Already two reasons why sailing in Sydney is a good idea to begin with.

When most visitors to Australia or even from interstate the Sydney Harbour is usually what is envisioned. Even every Hollywood movie that makes mention of Sydney often shows the Harbour Bridge at least.

Discover Sydney’s famous and beautiful harbour is best seen by boat and in particular by a sailing cruise.

Not only will you get to travel around and most probably underneath the 89 metre high Harbour Bridge but you will get to see some of the best sites in Sydney Harbour.

Most sailing cruises depart from King Street Wharf in Darling Harbour or alternatively from Circular Quay, opposite or adjacent from the Sydney Opera House.

There are also plenty of different types of sailing on the Sydney Harbour which include trips such as deep sea fishing around Sydney Heads, jazz and music based sailing trips, learning to sail schools, luxurious sailing trips which generally include drinks and food as well as tall ship sailing some of which are themed as pirate ships etc.

Apart from the obvious attraction like the bridge and the Opera house there are also a number of little islands to be explored and viewed. Some of these islands are Cockatoo Island, Shark Island, Clark Island and Rodd Island.

Fort Denison and the naval base is also quite a spectacular site to see along the harbour which is partly the reason why sailing is a popular tour on the harbour.

Fort Denison was originally used by the Aboriginal people as a popular fishing spot but was later changed as a place for convicts. It wasn’t until 1857 that the tiny rocky outcrop was named Fort Denison.

The Sydney Harbour forms part of a national park to protect the waterways, islands and the onshore areas. The sites that are part of the Sydney Harbour National Park are North Head, South Head, Manly to the Spit, Bradleys Head and the harbour islands.

All of the above mentions sites were once used as protection against invasion and so has quite a story to tell. You may find canons and forts along the way as well as Aboriginal sites that have engravings, arts and axe grinding grooves marked into the walls.

This is why sailing is the best way to see Sydney among many other reasons for sailing in general.


Source by Daniel Hardie

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