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Top 3 Tahiti Nightlife Attractions


Tahiti is synonymous to romance. The blue lagoons, the lazy ocean lapping at the white shores, the shady palm groves, the fragrance of tropical flowers, the aroma of seafood are the ideal prescription to melt the heart of the most cynical people on Earth. Tahiti consists of stuff that all romantic dreams are made of. However, all images of Tahiti that we have in our mind are that of sunny beaches and sun-drenched forests.

Well, sun does set in Tahiti and the tropical night brings with it cool breezes and a clear starry sky unspoiled by smoke or fog. Tahiti may not be urbane, but Tahitian nightlife offers some unique attractions that even the most chick metros in the world cannot offer. Here are 3 top attractions of Tahitian nightlife.

Tahitian Dancing:

Viewing or participating in Tahitian dancing is one major attraction in Tahiti. Tahitian dancing is sensual and wild and retains the flavor of the ancient traditional Tahitian culture that is nearly lost. Most resorts offer weekly dance shows, which also include traditional Tahitian feasts. These dance shows are enchanting experiences that you should never miss.

Bars, Clubs and Pubs:

Tahiti has many bars, nightclubs and pubs. Most nightclubs will have an entry fee of around $10. Many of these are grouped in the waterfront road near the main dock in Papeete and in the Eastern Papeete near Club Paradise. There are strip clubs also. The restaurant in Hotel Le Royal Tahitien, in Pirae, offers good food along with live bands for dancing on Friday nights.

Everywhere you will encounter a mixed crowd of Tahitians and foreign tourists coming from all over the world. Some of the popular bars are Le Mana Rock Café, L’Ibiza, Le 106 and Le Paradise. The Piano Bar is popular with homosexual tourists.


Reserving all the sightseeing for the daytime, you can shop to your heart’s content at night in the numerous shops and boutiques in Papeete. You can buy handicrafts, shell jewellery, pearls, vanilla pods, French cheese and French perfumes.


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