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Step in Dubai Hotels and Witness the Combination of Art and Technology


It is said that one can experience true luxury only in Dubai hotels. Considering the fact that 577 hotels in Dubai experienced a nine percent increase in occupancy, it can be safely said that the world too agrees that hotels in Dubai are the epitome of art, technology and luxury. The Burj Al Arab is a pretty good example of how technology and art are mixed together in hotels in Dubai. For starters, the hotel is shaped like the “sail of a dhow”. This provides unlimited scope for interior designers to come up with something new and unique.

This hotel provides private chauffeurs with luxury options like Rolls Royce or BMW automobiles. Each floor has a private reception area and the roof serves as a helipad. It is said that hotels in Dubai recover the cost incurred on interior designing over a span of many decades. While this is probably an exaggeration, the fact that people are ready to believe this is a clear indication of how Dubai hotels have struck the right balance between opulence and technology.

Some hotels offer thirteen types of pillow for their guests to ensure they have a good night’s sleep. Some others offer floor to ceiling windows in every room to ensure the guests have the perfect view of the sea. Other Dubai hotels boast of restaurants at a hundred meters above sea level. There is no doubt that hotels in Dubai have to use the best possible technology to ensure the hotels are constructed quickly and maintained properly at all times.

It is not just about fancy luxury options being put forth for guests. Dubai hotels attach a lot of importance to the aesthetic aspects of their service. The Address Downtown Dubai was the winner of the Hotel Business Lounge of the Year & Neos, Best Leisure and Entertainment venue Commercial Interior Design Awards in 2008. The Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai will be hosting the 2012 Commercial Interior Design Awards. This is a clear indication that hotels in Dubai are much better than others in terms of appearance and aesthetics.

Some hotels offer a comfy experience. Others, like the Atlantis, The Palm, seek to simply overawe the visitor with splendor, size and grandeur. This hotel is spread over 113 acres and consists of 1539 rooms and suites. A person staying in this hotel will have free access to a 42 acre water themed amusement park and an under sea city. Also, guests will enjoy free access to Dolphin Bay spread over four and a half hectares offering night clubs, 24 hour shopping outlets and restaurants offering the best efforts of celebrity chefs.

Dubai hotels do not lag behind as far as modern technological facilities are concerned. High speed wireless internet, tablet computers, virtual computing- these are fast becoming a part of the services offered by Dubai hotels for their esteemed guests. Other cities are trying to emulate Dubai. However, the fact that almost every hotel in Dubai offers something extra to its guests sets it apart from all other cities.


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