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Safety Guidelines When Using Trampolines


Originally, trampolines are used for acrobatic tumbling and stunts in circuses, it is then used in gymnastics then the use of trampoline in gymnastics is later included into Olympic games in Sydney, Australia, in year 200. Now, more and more people have embraced the fun of jumping on trampolines. It is undeniably an enjoying recreational activity for family bonding. This device is safe for the kids too if it is used under proper adult supervision. Adults should strictly impose safety guidelines with prescribed trampoline safety rules and guidelines to their kids when using this device.

Here is the list of safety precautions you will need for your children to keep them safe and prevent some serious injuries:

1. Never attempt summersault on the trampoline.

2. Only one person at a time on the trampoline. Most accidents on the trampoline are caused by two or more people jumping on it at the same time.

3. Never jump without “spotters.”

4. Never put or mount ladder or step tool in your trampoline to prevent small kids from climbing their without adult supervision.

5. Never use trampoline when under the influence of alcohol or any other drug medication.

6. Never use the trampoline as a spring board or something to another surface.

7. Remove all jewelry and other sharp object when jumping at the device.

8. Always check the device for any worn out, disconnected or missing parts before using it.

9. When jumping, focus your vision at the edge of the trampoline to keep your balance.

10. Do not allow pregnant women or sick person use your trampoline.

11. Do not jump if you are exhausted or short of breath.

12. Do not jump too high, this will cause you to lose your balance. To stop your bounce, bend your knees as your feet come in contact with the floor of the trampoline.

13. Keep away unnecessary objects that could obstruct the jumper.

14. Do not put your trampoline under asphalt, concrete or other hard surfaces. Put your trampoline on a level surface.

15. Only allow jumpers that do not weigh more than 200 pounds.

Never let a child use the trampoline without adult supervision. If you want to learn some skills in using the device, you can contact a certified trainer. Following these simple rules can keep you and your family from serious accidents and allow you to fully enjoy the benefits and fun of having a trampoline.


Source by Robert A Hull

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