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Grand Bahamas Island – Want to Get Some Great Time With Your Family?


There is more to the Grand Bahamas Island than just casinos, plush resort and some tropical fun, it embodies within its enchanting beauty, an island filled with exotic beaches and natural wonders besides having the world’s largest underwater cave system. The island is also abounds national parks and plentiful marine life. There are small towns that seem to sleep in time, and they hide a history unlike any other in the Caribbean.

Overall the island could be termed as a conglomeration of man-made wonders and ecological delight and makes a perfect tourist destination for all kinds of travelers including children and newly weds. Grand Bahamas Island is the second most popular tourist destination. Here you will find long stretches of deserted clean-white beaches, inviting hotels, one major casino, night-time entertainment and world-class scuba diving facilities and land and sea sports. Freeport is a major city, which is celebrated for being a resort hub and a pool to a lot of action that one can experience.

On opposite ends of the Island are serene and rustic settings and finding a retreat is not uncommon. Shopping is another area of attraction here. One can stroll through Port Lucaya and discover duty-free goods from around the world including cigars, cigarettes and electronics. The island is also abode to one of the oldest underwater cave systems in the world, situated at the Lucayan National Park.

The trade winds blow incessantly throughout the Grand Bahamas Island giving the island a warm, cozy climate which little variations throughout the year. The most rejuvenating time is from September through May, when the temperature averages 70 degree F. The rest of the year is tad bit warmer.

The legal tender is the Bahamian dollar (B$), which is equal in value to the US dollar. Both US and Bahamian and be exchanged interchangeably throughout the length and breadth of the island due to easy availability of both the currencies.

Upon entering The Bahamas, one is required to fill out and an Immigration form duly signed, and one must remember to retain the counterfoil of the card till departure. A declaration, mostly oral about the baggage is also a routine formality. Maximum allowance for each adult visitor is 50 cigars, 200 cigarettes or one pound of tobacco, one quart of spirits, and a variety of personal effects (personal radio headsets, bicycle, two still cameras, etc.). In all any purchase up to a value of 100$ is permitted by all arriving passengers.

When it comes to eating, the Grand Bahamas Island has many fine eateries and restaurants. Seafood is the most staple and oft-served delight on most menus, as it promises to be fresh and succulent. The culinary traditions of the island are a must- explore, along with a number of restaurants serving world-cuisine.

Therefore it does not matter what you’re looking for be it modern luxury or delightful get- away the island for sure is a best of both worlds.


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