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Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Lyon Dubai City


Lyon Dubai City is a large project developed by the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The expected completion time is set for 2016-2017. The project requires the merging of Dubai and Lyons, and many partnerships between the two cities. Construction is expected to begin in 2010.

It was during a trip to Lyon, a promoter Buti Saeed al-Gandhi, fell in love with the capital of Gaul. His dreams of initial dream of constructing Dubai Open, was to be an area which recreated the special atmosphere unique to the city of Lyon as well as some of its notable buildings.

Buti Saeed al-Gandhi did not want his project can to be compared to the monuments of Las Vegas, where small bits of famous cities were reconstructed along the famous “Strip”. He wanted a real implementation of the city and its culture in Dubai. Thus, restoration of formal neighborhoods, typical Lyon neighborhoods added to the Dubai Lyon culture. Also to further the partnership between the two cities, the University of Lyon constructed a branch of its school in the city of Dubai. The EM LYON will also build a campus in Dubai and will issue a local diploma.

The Lyon Dubai City will stretch 400 hectares and will also host offices, homes and shops, all built in the pure Lyon spirit. More than 1.8 billion euros will be needed for the construction of this mammoth project with more than 3000 apartments, trams and buses similar to those of Lyon being created. Even if the total project completion is expected before 2016, some sites, such as the University branch will be created at the end of 2008. Construction in Dubai is much faster than in a country like France, the work would last only 12 months.

The city of Lyon will not put a penny in this project since it was born from the will of Saaed al Buti Gandhi. However, it will closely monitor the site. Jean-Michel Daclin, deputy mayor of Lyon, sees a unique opportunity to attract tourists to Lyon and to offer his city a global showcase.


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