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Destination Wedding Planning for 2008


While a traditional wedding in your hometown is wonderful for a multitude of reasons, many couples would rather opt for something more unique. One option is having a destination wedding. In recent years, these have become increasingly popular with some reports indicating that up to 20% of all weddings are now destination weddings.

A destination wedding is a wedding that takes place in an out-of-town location. Examples include a wedding on the beach in Mexico, a wedding aboard a luxury cruise ship or a wedding at a extravagant Caribbean resort. Virtually any place you can think of can host a wedding. Some couples have even decided to have their wedding underwater!

Destination weddings have many favorable aspects. You and your guests will never forget the experience of your wedding because it will be held in an exotic, out of the ordinary locale and serve as a vacation for everyone involved.

Because these have become so popular recently, many resorts now offer destination wedding packages, which include accommodations for the bride and groom, as well as all wedding ceremony and reception services, complete with a wedding coordinator. When you are planning a wedding, a wedding coordinator who is located in your destination is a necessity. Having someone who is familiar with the local vendors and resources in the area will make the wedding planning go much smoother than trying to handle the planning from a long distance.

Another great thing about a destination wedding is that it can help alleviate any family tensions that may exist in more traditional wedding planning. If the bride’s family wants the wedding to be in one location and the groom’s family wants the wedding to be at a different location, there is oftentimes family conflict and stress. With a destination wedding, you can offer both sides a unique compromise.

While a destination wedding can be an amazing experience, there is also a downside. With the average wedding cost in the United States estimated at over $30,000, certainly a wedding package will be considerably less for the bride and groom. However, there are still some monetary concerns.

If a couple decides to pay for the travel and accommodations for all their wedding guests, those costs can add up quickly. Because of this, the guest list for destination weddings tends to be much smaller than for other weddings. Also, if the couple cannot afford to contribute to the travel expenses for their wedding guests, many people may be forced to miss the wedding altogether if they do not having the funds necessary or time available to make the trip.

Another aspect about destination weddings that a bride may find difficult is her role in regards to the actual wedding planning will be significantly reduced. Because the bride does not live near the location of the wedding, she will have to have complete trust in the wedding coordinator to make the right decisions concerning vendors and other planning details. Some brides who love to micro-manage will find this situation impossible to deal with.

If you are getting married, consider all the positives and negatives of having a destination wedding. While a destination wedding isn’t right for many couples, it could be perfect for you.


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