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Best Koh Samui Beaches


Koh Samui is an island blessed with pristine beaches. Starting out as a settlement first inhabited by fishermen 1500 years ago, Koh Samui has evolved into one of the best tourist destinations in all of Thailand, and Koh Samui beaches have undoubtedly been one of the crown jewels in Thailand’s treasure chest of tourist attractions.

Bordered on all sides by the Gulf of Thailand and surrounded by numerous smaller islands, Samui is home to the Angthong National Marine Park, and the ShaSa Resorts and Residences, a spectacular resort to book for your stay at Koh Samui. A five-star boutique hotel endowed with a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Thailand, it offers an excellent touch point to the island’s best beaches.

Bophut Beach, one of the most popular among Koh Samui beaches, is sprawled along the northern tip of the island. Slightly sharing the same qualities as Mae Nan beach on the west, it is characterized by relatively the same length of beach stretch, and coarse sand. It is relatively clean and less crowded. A good number of shops and restaurants dot the beach stretch. A list of Koh Samui beaches will be incomplete without Bophut Beach, as this well-preserved sweeping stretch of beach is considered one of the oldest tourist destinations on the island.

Big Buddha Beach belongs to that elite league of the best Koh Samui beaches as well. Characterized by coarse sand, this elegant beach is situated in a shallow bay area. Its peaceful waters offer the traveler a calm spot for easy swimming and a spectacular view of the gigantic statue of the Buddha found nearby. It connects the island to Koh Phang Nga. Regularly serviced by ferries and boats that go between the two islands, Big Buddha Beach is one of those Koh Samui beaches you simply must luxuriate in, if only for culture enrichment’s sake.

Yet another of the best Samui beaches is Choeng Mon beach. Endowed with a thin, elongated crescent shape, Choeng Mon beach also has enviably fine golden sand. Swim in its peaceful waters while watching the gently swaying palm trees lining the water’s edge. A close neighbor of the Big Buddha beach, Choeng Mon is more upscale and is composed of a series of bays lying on the northwest edge of the island. It is definitely a must-go-to among Koh Samui beaches.

Ever heard of the two sister beaches? Well, they are right here on Samui, and the seasoned traveler would be remiss not to visit Chaweng and Chaweng Noi beaches. Interesting fact: Chaweng Noi literally means small Chaweng. Lying immaculately close to each other, as sisters should, these two swimming destinations share nearly identical considerations-excellent entertainment and shopping. Blessed with pristine fine white sand, the main road just off the main beach abounds with eating places that offer wide arrays of food and excellent world-rate cuisine, such as Mexican, Japanese or Thai, to name just a few. Dive shops are aplenty, as well as open-air dance clubs for al-fresco disco dancing. Farther inland is a produce market, food stalls, and-surprise! Surprise! – A local Thai boxing ring.


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