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Different Activities to Enjoy With the Family in Devon


Go on your Devon holidays but make sure that you stay at the luxurious Devon cottages. Devon holidays are fun and exciting but relaxing at the same time. You will see so much colour and beauty in the countryside. The beaches are beautiful and there are many adventure activities that will provide excitement to your Devon holidays. Whatever your interests may be, there will be something in Devon that will attract you. But again, make sure to stay at the Devon cottages that are clean and comfortable but easy on the budget. These Devon holiday cottages can be found in many locations throughout Devon, some near the beach while others are near the tourist attractions. Here are some fun activities that you can try out during your Devon holidays.

Visit Family Friendly Attractions

Devon holidays are great vacation times to take with your family. There are gardens, museums, theme parks, castles, beaches and many other attractions very near Devon cottages that you can take your family to. The Big Sheep will provide entertainment to families who are interested in watching sheep and animal shows or the popular sheep race. Becky Falls Woodland Park is also a great place to take the whole family as this place will let the kids experience being up close to wild nature while walking along the nature trails. Bicton Park Botanical Gardens and other parks and gardens within the area are great places to visit too. You have the option of staying in Devon cottages or in the other holiday cottages of nearby towns like Torquay.

Try Out Crossbow Shooting

Going on Devon holidays will also give you the chance to try out crossbow shooting. Almost similar to clay pigeon shooting, crossbow shooting will train you on how to have a good eye on the target. This activity started way back to the Greeks who used crossbows as war weapons even way back to 4 BC. The amazing shooting range where you can practice crossbow shooting is within the Henley Hillbillies vicinity which is accessible from your Devon holiday cottages. You will have different options for static targets when you practice at the crossbow shooting range. The shooting range has two categories depending on age: junior and adult categories. You can rest your tired bodies after a day of crossbow shooting at your holiday cottages in Devon.


If you have never done it before, now is the time to try archery. The Henley Hillbillies range gives you a wide array of compound bows that have different weights. Your choice would depend on your skill and age group. The minimum age that can be accommodated is 12 years old. Take home this new experience when you go home after your Devon holidays.


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