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Cala Macarella – The Best Beach in Menorca to Enjoy Calm Turquoise Waters and a Charming Ambiance


Menorca is one of the beautiful Balearic islands. It is the most tranquil of the Balearics. A large number of tourists visit the island during the summer months because the island has a wide range of popular beaches. People visit this island to discover more adventures and new charms and experiences.

The island has something to offer for everyone. It is a quiet beach and the best holiday destination. You can visit Mahon and Ciutadella to view the magnificent architecture and harbors of the island. There are water parks, water sports, cycling and hiking activities for the tourists on the island. The island is also a designated biosphere thus protecting the environment. There is a wide range of beautiful flowers and birds to view.

Cala Macarella is another popular beach of Menorca. It is situated on the south coast and is one of the most crowded beaches in Menorca during summer vacations. The beach offers different services and close parking.

You have to take the Sant Joan de Missa road from Ciutadella to reach the beach. Signs are given along the road that will help you to reach the beach easily. It will take about 20-25 minutes to reach the beach if you are coming by car and over an hour by bike.

There are two parking on the beach. The first parking is at a distance of 900 meters from the beach and will take 15 minutes on foot. It is free parking. The second parking is at a distance of 300 meters from the beach and takes only five minutes walking but it is paid to park.

There is a beach bar which has a capacity of over 100 people. The bar remains very crowded during lunch time. The beach is very beautiful and it opens up at the end to a gorge surrounded by thick pine wood. The transparent waters toned turquoise look amazing. You can also admire the cliffs on the surroundings and dazzled by the presence of prehistoric caves. The beach is surely a paradise for nature lovers. You can visit the beach during May, June, or September to avoid the crowd.

If you are going with your children, you can remain calm because lifeguards are available. There is a cafeteria where you can relax in the shade. You can also take prepared food to the beach and spend the entire day on the beach with your family and friends. Cala Macarella is an ideal spot where you can lay down on the white sand. The beach water is caressed by clean water and steep hills. It is the best place to relax and enjoy the most beautiful sceneries all around. It is one of the best beaches to enjoy authentic and tranquil Menorca in a style.

Thus, you can choose the Menorca for your next holidays. It is the place where you can find calm and turquoise water on the beach. It is the best place to relax and enjoy a peaceful time with your family or friends.


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